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This website was built by Creative Web Actions to demonstrate our "SmallBiz Website Offering" as a working site. Our offering is a complete implementation of the latest WordPress release and the reliable popular professional SmallBiz theme by Expand2Web with full function business features. 


Our "SmallBiz Website Offering" was developed specifically for the budget-conscious small business owner after many years of trying different packages to work for business owners. Our offering is one of the best non-technical website offering in the industry that allows businesses to use their website as a marketing tool to promote their business.  Our offering can be operational in a few days and ready for you to enter content by using an easy menu interface.


Our easy-to-use SmallBiz business offering is a full working website with: an individual hosting environment by Bluehost, 2 email addresses,  hands-on training, phone support and ready to populate with your content. All this with the 1st year hosting for an unbelievable one-time price of $600.


Having a Website Today is Must for any Small Business

Approximately, one half of all US small businesses don't have a website, They are missing out because in today's business environment new research hows that 77% of US adults use the Internet to seek information when shopping locally for products and services.

Whether your business is one-man shop or a company employing 35 employees, your website is the business asset to describe your brand and give you the visibility and credibility in the marketplace. In addition, having your website address on your business card, allows potential customers to go to your website and obtain important information about your business, you and your offerings. This business information presents the reasons "Why your customers should buy from you?". Without a website, new prospects only have the meager information printed on your business card. Your website is a vital business asset to convey business information and reveal your brand.


A Website Ready to Use with Built-in ToolsLGC Hair Restoration Website is using a SmallBiz website

If you are thinking about getting a professional website that is cost effective, you have come to the right place. This offering was created for the busy small business owner that wants to take responsibility of his website.

Creative Web Actions' SmallBiz Self-service Website Offering is a complete functional website that's ready to use and with the necessary tools to allow you to customize your website. This website that you are viewing at this very moment is built with our SmallBiz Website Offering with standard features.

There was no programming effort spent creating this site. The picture of the website LGC Hair Restoration, on the left hand side was created by Laura Craig for her Hair Restoration business. Laura has never had a website and this was her first time she and her son spent any effort on her website for this business. Laura's website is our regular SmallBiz Website Offering. Hey customized and provided the content for each webpage. To visit Luara's website by clicking on lgchairrestoration.com. Please feel free to contact Laura Craig to ask about her website and her experience with using the SmallBiz Self-service Website Offering.

If you are able to use Microsoft's Word to write a letter, you can easily use the SmallBiz Self-service Website Offering to personalize your website and include the content you deem important. As part of this offering, a 2 hour tutorial by conference phone with screen sharing is also provided to explain the administration, website customization tools and hands on demonstration of using WordPress and the SmallBiz Theme. This offering delivers a working, reliable website that's fully operational, ready for you to add web pages, include pictures, images, and videos and even allow you to create your own business blog and more.  


Advance Small Business Website Offering is Built on WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and leading Content Management System on the Internet today. WordPress continues to grow as an "Open Source" platform with new features and reliable release levels. WordPress has moved from a premium Blog facility to a Content Management System that allows the development of complex Enterprise websites to its future destiny as an applications platform. The number of website designers that use WordPress to build websites is expected to double next year from 22,000. The number books and publications devoted to WordPress are more than the other Content Management Systems on the market. Hence, our SmallBiz Self-service Website Offering is based the world most reliable and functional rich Content Management System, with many resources available on the Internet and talented designers that work with WordPress.  


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Creative Web Actions’ Advance Self-service Small Business Website Offering is priced as a single one-time cost offering with a nominal annual hosting fee. This offering provides many features you would expect in websites costing at least 2 to 3 thousand dollars.

It's priced at an unbelievable $600 for the terrific value you get. Your new website is built by hand, tested  and ready to use. You will test drive your website with the help qualified technician to guide you at the training session. This offering implements 6 distinct service features that are bundled in a single offering at a very reason price:

  1. Hosting Environment with branded email
  2. WordPress - most popular and reliable Content Management Platform on the Internet today
  3. SmallBiz Theme from Expand2Web with tools to change the style and personalize the site to your brand
  4. Training via an on-line session with screen sharing and a conference call
  5. Documentation that will be used during the hands-on session
  6. Support via phone, conference calls with screen sharing, texting and email


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