SmallBiz Website Brochure


Questions to Determine if the SmallBiz Website is for you?

  1. Are you a small business owner in need of a reliable and professional website?
  2. Can you use Microsoft Word to create a simple document?
  3. Are you a beginner when it comes to all this website stuff?
  4. Do you want to take charge of your new website?
  5. Do you want to invest in new skills that will improve your business?
  6. Do you believe you are the expert of your own business?
  7. Does the proper marketing have the potential to increment your sales revenue?
  8. Do you have a limited budget devoted to your new website?
  9. Do you want the ability to easily redesign to different styles /colors without the loss of content?
  10. Do you want your website built on the most popular a website platform in the world?
  11. Do you want a website that is a business asset for the long-term?


Learn More about the SmallBiz-Offering

Our SmallBiz Offering Brochure

SmallBiz Website Offering Brochure by Creative Web Actions

If the answer is YES to all the above questions,  you need to download the SmallBiz Brochure PDF and read it.Click on  SmallBiz-Self-service Website Offering brochure to download the PDF document.

After you have read the brochure, ask yourself these questions, “Does the SmallBiz Website Offering make sense for me ? and Do you want to get started with a  very reasonably  priced and a high quality website now, with no more procrastinations oe excuses?”.

If you are ready to start your new SmallBiz Website, call me, Alphonso Montibello on (813) 732-7312 or email me  using  My goal is to get your new website  working and ready for your hands-on training class in less than 5 days.  I look forward to speaking with you about your new website.